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Jesuit Communications launches new resources for parishes and schools

The new e-resources coincide with the launch of seperate editions of Australian Catholics print magazine for schools and parishes.

Australian Catholics, publisher of the largest Catholic magazine in the country, has launched two new weekly e-newsletters, with the aim of bringing articles and resources that cater more specifically for people in Catholic schools and parishes across Australia.

Cover of the first Australian Catholics Parish Edition

Cover of the first Australian Catholics Parish Edition

‘We’ve been listening to teachers and parish administrators for the last few years, looking at the resources they need to better support them in their work’, says Australian Catholics editor Michael McVeigh.

The first edition of the Parish Life e-newsletter went out this week. Designed for parish administrators, the new e-newsletter provides news, homily notes, prayers of the faithful and other resources to assist them in providing support for their parish websites, newsletters and liturgy resources for the coming week.

Meanwhile, another new e-newsletter, Catholic Teacher, was also launched this month. Targeted at teachers and others in faith formation ministry, Catholic Teacher provides reflections and activities for the classroom, school liturgies, a Catholic Teacher Calendar and other resources for schools.

‘We want to be a gateway to some of the best resources around the web, and to provide our own original content that can help Australians find God in their lives’, says McVeigh.

Cover of the first Australian Catholics Schools Edition

Cover of the first Australian Catholics Schools Edition

‘Australians often have a different language when we talk about faith to people in other parts of the world. We need resources that can speak to Australian communities about God using language that they’re comfortable with.

‘Our magazine has always aimed to engage families and people of all ages with great stories about Catholics and our faith, but we wanted a way to provide more direct support to Catholics working on the front lines of evangelisation — in our schools and parishes.’

The print magazine has also just launched into 2017 with separate editions for school subscribers and parish subscribers. Moving from five to four editions each year, but increasing the number of pages in each edition, has meant the magazine can now better target each audience.

‘People attending church every week have a different experience of Catholicism to those who might be less frequent church-goers. We want to be able to engage both of those audiences with some of the best of our faith, in a way that speaks to their experiences’, says McVeigh.

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