Jesuit stories

Meet a few Jesuits and hear their vocations stories.

Just as there are many ways to find God, there are many pathways that Jesuits travel on their way to discerning their vocation.

Fr Justin Glyn SJ: A Jesuit vocation

glynFr Justin Glyn SJ was ordained in 2016. Born in South Africa, he has a doctorate in law, and worked as a corporate lawyer before joining the Society in 2009.

Justin says his vocation grew from an understanding that religious life was not something divorced from the everyday, but something tightly interwoven with it.

‘God doesn’t actually call on little bits of me. He calls me to give what I have. Whether it be presiding at the altar, or whether it be writing, or whether it be singing — all of these things I see as being part of a life I’m called to use.’

For more information about becoming a Jesuit, contact us at vocations@sjasl.org.au.