Becoming a Jesuit

The formation process for becoming a Jesuit.

The man we seek is one who is aware of his humanity and weakness but has the self-knowledge and the openness to grow that would enable him to follow Jesus as one of us now and in the future.

The formation of Jesuits is a priority because the quality of our apostolic service depends in large measure on a good and lasting preparation. The one thing that most people know about the Jesuit course of formation is that it is long. Actually, it has now become a very flexible arrangement — its length and shape are very much dependent on the age, previous experience and studies of the individual person.


The Candidacy Program

The Candidacy Program is a program of spiritual direction and vocational guidance. It is intended for a man who is seriously considering the Society of Jesus as a life-choice. The program provides an opportunity for vocational discernment — a time for a man to know himself more deeply, to grow in his personal relationship with Christ, to experience the life and mission of the Society of Jesus, and to clarify his future.

The program involves spiritual direction with an experienced director, and may also include meetings with other candidates, individually directed retreats, visits to the Jesuit novitiate in Emerton NSW, conversations with the vocations director, and apostolic projects with Jesuits and/or living in Jesuit communities.

For more information about becoming a Jesuit, contact us at vocations@sjasl.org.au.

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