Apostolic Plan

The Universal Apostolic Preferences (2019-2029) and Province Apostolic Plan (2019-2024) shape and guide our work across the Australian Jesuit Province.  

The Universal Apostolic Preferences (2019-2029) and Province Apostolic Plan (2019-2024) shape and guide our work across the Australian Jesuit Province.  

The two documents work together to give purpose to our mission and to provide direction for the Jesuits and lay collaborators who contribute to our ministries. 


Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs)

The four Universal Apostolic Preferences were created to focus the attention of the Society of Jesus worldwide across a period of 10 years. The Preferences were developed through an extensive process of discernment which involved Jesuits and partners in mission from around the world.

  1. Promoting discernment and the Spiritual Exercises

Helping people to find Jesus Christ and follow Him.

  1. Walking with the excluded

Walk alongside the poor, the vulnerable, the excluded and those whom society considers worthless, in a mission of reconciliation and justice.

  1. Caring for our common home

Work, with Gospel depth, for the protection and renewal of God’s Creation.

  1. Journeying with youth

Accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future.

To learn more about the UAPS, visit https://www.jesuits.global/uap/


Province Apostolic Priorities (PAPs) 

The Province Apostolic Plan (2019 – 2024): ‘A Call to Mission in Hope’ and the Priorities outlined within were developed in alignment with the UAPs to guide the Society of Jesus’ activities in Australia over a stretch of five years.

  1. Nourish our ministries through Ignatian spirituality

We seek to express our life and mission in Christ through deepening our Ignatian spirituality. We seek to be open to the constant renewal to which this spirituality calls us. We seek to ensure that it permeates all aspects of our life and ministry, including our conversations and listening, the way in which we support each other as companions, and our discernment in decision-making.

  1. Heal humanity and our world

We seek to be close to Christ who is revealed in the suffering and vulnerable of our world. We commit ourselves to reconciliation with God, with one another and with creation. With Christ we are called to a personal experience of closeness and companionship with all of humanity, especially those most in need.

  1. Form the young in a faith seeking justice

We encourage outreach to and with the young. We seek to listen to them, inviting them to be creative, just and generous, encouraging them to be open to the journey of Christian faith. For our Church and nation, we wish to form a new generation, grounded in faith and justice as modelled by Christ.

  1. Strengthen Jesuit and lay partnership in mission

We seek to strengthen our Jesuit mission by deepening our collaboration and networking amongst all with whom we work, especially within each ministry and between our ministries. We seek to grow in appreciation of the reality that Jesuit and Lay vocations are distinct yet complementary. We seek to deepen companionship amongst all who share the mission of Christ.

  1. Serve Christ through the Church within our Jesuit and Ignatian tradition

We serve Christ and the Church, of which we are but one part among many. We offer the spiritual and intellectual depth the Church seeks from us, ready to engage at those frontiers others may have difficulty reaching. We are available to contribute to the needs of the people of God not just locally but also within the Asia-Pacific region and globally.

To learn more about the PAPs, view the full document below.



Main image: Artwork by Ignasi Flores