Ignatian Spirituality and Formation

Choosing the way of greater peace, hope and joy; the path of consolation that fortifies our faith, hope and love. GC 36. Decree 1.12

Ignatian Spirituality and Formation offer ways to explore and experience the purpose and foundations of our life and work, and more deeply as desired, the gospel story at the heart of these, which so captivated and inspired Ignatius throughout his life. It was his personal relationship with Jesus Christ which continued to inform and transform his life and the Society he established, in companionship with the early Jesuits, supported by lay women and men, with an ever-reverent regard for the world in which he came to find and be found by God in all dimensions.

Ignatian Spirituality has many dimensions and is often expressed in phrases like seeking and finding God in all things, being a contemplative in action, and women and men for others. It arises from personal encounter and relationship with our supremely generous, loving God and helps us listen to our interior movements and desires, and to discern how we are called to be of service in the world.

Ignatian Formation offers a great variety of opportunities to taste the Ignatian way and discover its holistic, energising, and practical character – liberating us into the life of the Spirit, drawing us forward individually and together, in our distinct and common work, always in our diversity and in a spirit of friendship and good will.

Significant sources of Ignatian Spiritualty and Formation include the Spiritual Exercises, the Jesuit Constitutions, the Testament of Ignatius, and the extensive written correspondence of the Society, between Ignatius, the Jesuits, and companions down the centuries until today. Ignatian Spirituality has deep historical roots and yet operates today in ever-fresh applications for our times and local contexts.

Ignatian Spiritualty and Formation are a reciprocal experience. Walking together, with deep listening and good conversation, we seek to learn together and from one another and so find the loving way forward. This giving-receiving dynamic is at the heart of the Spiritual Exercises and our Ignatian service.

You are invited to experience Ignatian Spirituality, the Spiritual Exercises and Ignatian Formation with Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia.


Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia

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JISA is a national community of people formed in the way of Ignatian Spirituality.

We give the Spiritual Exercises in all their forms, guided retreats, spiritual conversation, discernment, spiritual direction, supervision, formation for leadership and mission.

JISA centres offer day and residential hospitality for individuals, groups, and organisations. We offer programs in person, online, and at other venues.

We offer programs and work with you individually and in your organisation to support and deepen your spirituality, ministry work and relationships. This includes individual accompaniment and team discernment facilitation and training. We offer spiritual exercises and discerning conversations, working with you flexibly and respectfully, according to your context and desires.

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