Ignis Programs

JISA Formation Programs for the ministries of the Society of Jesus in Australia

A Fire that Kindles Other Fires


The Ignis Programs, coordinated by JISA, induct companions in Province ministries and education into the basics of Ignatian spirituality and the Province’s way of proceeding.

They introduce participants to the story of Ignatius, the Jesuits, and the Ignatian tradition that enlivens our work.

These programs are offered for new staff joining the Province’s works, staff appointed in recent years, current staff who may wish to undertake the Program, and new ministry volunteers.

Ignis Programs are delivered in person and online, in cross-ministry groups, by experienced facilitators from the various Province entities.


The Ignis suite comprises three distinct, sequential programs.

Ignis begins

… a new online Program which offers an early introduction to the Province, our people, and the way we work, with an initial ‘taste’ of Ignatian spirituality and a warm welcome to those who are new.

Ignis inside

… (formerly Ignis 1) follows Ignis begins, and integrates reflective, spiritual experiences with the story of Ignatius, his dreams and choices, worldview, and journey in companionship. Engaging the heart and mind, it offers time to connect with Ignatian spirituality and the mission of the Society of Jesus.

Ignis grows

 … (formerly Ignis 2) is to be redesigned. It currently provides an experience of the intention, rhythm, and central focus of the Spiritual Exercises. Participants bring their life experience to the guided exercises, engaging with scripture, story and Ignatian conversation.


With its Province-wide, cross-ministry perspective, this exciting three-program approach to formation complements the Ignatian formation programs provided to staff and volunteers within our schools and organisations.

JISA provides these Programs for the ministries of the Society of Jesus in Australia, and publishes the Ignis calendar at the start of every year, working with Province Ignatian Co-ordinators and Ministry Leaders to register participants.

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Program feedback or questions can be directed to ignis@sjasl.org.au or call JISA at 1300 392 636