Vale Fr Peter Terrence Jones SJ

Please pray for Fr Peter Terrence Jones SJ, who died Sunday 25 April 2021 at St Stanislaus College Sitagarha in Hazaribag, aged 90 years.

Jones, Peter by Andy Zerafa

It is with sadness we share news of the death of Fr Peter Terrence Jones SJ, who passed away at St Stanislaus College Sitagarha in Hazaribag on Sunday, aged 90.

Fr Peter entered the Society of Jesus in 1955 after working as an engineer and did his early formation at Watsonia in Melbourne.

In 1961, he moved to India to join the Australian Mission at Hazaribag. There he taught at St Xavier’s, studied theology, was ordained and did much to build up the mission by leading school and parish ministries and serving as treasurer.

His final assignment was Assistant Parish Priest and Spiritual Ministries at Mahuadanr.

Curriculum Vitae

1955                            Entered the Society, Loyola College Watsonia, Victoria

1957                            First Vows, Loyola College Watsonia, Victoria

1957                            Juniorate – Loyola College Watsonia, Victoria

1949 – 1952                Degree Studies Melbourne University, B.E.E.; B.A. (Math)

1958 – 1960                Philosophy Loyola College Watsonia, Victoria

1961                             Came to India

1961 – 1964                Regency – St Xaviers School Hazaribag

1964 – 1968                Theology – St Mary’s College, Kurseong

1967                             Ordination, St Stanislaus College, Sitagarha

1968 – 1973                Asst Teacher St Xavier’s School, Hazaribag

1973                            Tertiansip – Bombay

Fr Peter in 1963.

1976                            Final Vows St Xaviers School, Hazaribag, Professed 4 Vows

1973 – 1974                Special Study Cambridge University, U.K. (Maths)

1975                            Mahuadanr: Building: School

1975 – 1982                 St Xavier’s Hazaribag: Rector/Principal/Reg Treasurer

1982 – 1992                Mahuadanr Parish: Superior, PP, Dean

1992 – 1999                Superior, Treasurer, Vice Principal M School

1993 –                          Revisor Arcarum

1999 – 2004               Headmaster, St. Louis School, Balidih

2004 – 2007                Catholic C. Bank, Manresa House, Ranchi

2007 – 2008               Vivek Sadan, Daltonganj

2008 – 2014                Treasurer, St Jospeh High Schoool Mahuadanr

2015 –                          Asst. Parish Priest, Spiritual Ministries Mahuadanr

2020                            St Xaviers Hazaribag for rest and treatment