The write opportunity

The Jesuit Communications Internship Program 2024
will engage and empower aspiring media students.


By Laura Kings, ‘Australian Catholics’ assistant editor – education and youth.  

This Lent, Jesuit Communications will once again mentor and support students who want to pursue a career in media or writing. The Jesuit Communications Internship Program, slated for 6-10 May 2024, provides Year 10 and 11 students with invaluable hands-on experience and guidance in interviewing, feature writing and magazine design. 

The week-long journey will be more than an opportunity to learn; it’s a chance for participants to be empowered, mentored and supported as they evaluate and consider a career in media. Under the mentorship of experienced professionals, interns will gain insights into every facet of magazine production, contributing to the creation of Australian Catholics, the largest circulating Catholic print publication in the country.  

In preparation for the program, a special introductory session on 29 April will foster a sense of community among participants, enabling them to connect and prepare for the transformative week ahead. Led by Australian Catholics editor Michele Frankeni, this session will set the tone for a collaborative and supportive learning environment, where young talents are nurtured and encouraged to thrive.  

Prospective interns are invited to submit a cover letter expressing their aspirations and goals, along with a formal reference from their school, as well as three pieces of work showcasing their skills and passion for media or writing.   

With a deadline of 15 March, aspiring interns are encouraged to seize this opportunity to learn, grow and be empowered. Whether through writing, photography, videography or podcasting, participants are encouraged to explore their creative talents and share their unique perspectives with the world.  

How to enter: 

  • Prepare a cover letter expressing your aspirations and goals in media or writing. 
  • Obtain a formal reference from your school. 
  • Submit three pieces of your work showcasing your skills and passion. 
  • Fill out the entry form online before the closing date of 15 March, 2024.  

Apply now for the Internship Program and be part of a journey that empowers, inspires and shapes the future of media and writing. 

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Banner image by Carmen Murillo, Canva