The Australian Ignatian Trail

Michael Tod from Saint Ignatius College Geelong put together a video of the Australian Ignatian Trail which he completed in August.

Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia (JISA) offers a pilgrimage experience along the Australian Ignatian Trail that follows in the footsteps of the first Jesuits in Australia.

A few months ago, Ignatian Coordinator, Michael Tod from Saint Ignatius College in Geelong, set out on the Australian Ignatian Trail in August with a few other Ignatian Coordinators and he captured the experience on video.

This ‘camino’ experience follows part of the route in South Australia that the first Jesuits walked when they arrived in the country in 1848. The trail finishes at Sevenhill, where the Jesuits established the first vineyard of Clare Valley in 1851.

Today, pilgrims have the opportunity to step aside from everyday life and encounter Ignatian spirituality by walking the trail, discern, reflect and experience God in nature. The trail is offered to pilgrims in two lengths: 4 walking days/6 nights or 7 walking days/9 nights.

“The pilgrimage was just wonderful and I was happy to put something together to preserve it somehow”, said Michael. The video features the 4-day walking trail and also features Fr Iain Radvan SJ, who facilitates contemplative walks and pilgrimages with JISA’s Being with God in Nature ministry.

Watch the video by Michael Tod.

To find out more about upcoming trails in the new year, visit Australian Ignatian Trails 2023.

To find out more about Fr Iain Radvan SJ, read his article In Nature we can meet God and watch his Cuppa with a Jesuit interview.