The incarnational nature of Jesuit spirituality, the ability
to find God in all things, is closely allied to astronomy.


Through a fusion of scientific inquiry and Ignatian spirituality, the essence of “knowing” for a Jesuit goes beyond merely gathering facts. It’s about living, being a companion, and feeling – a shared experience that enriches understanding. While many see science as more of an obstacle than a help to faith, Jesuit astronomers show that science can also lead us to deepen our faith.  

At the heart of this approach lie the Spiritual Exercises handed down by St Ignatius of Loyola. Through the Exercises, Jesuits cultivate a profound relationship with Jesus, which inspires their pursuit of scientific knowledge. For Jesuit astronomers, being a scientist is not just a profession. It is a way of being deeply immersed in respect and love for God, humanity, and the natural world. 

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Banner image: SteveAllenPhoto, Canva.