Social Media Terms of Use

Here are the social media terms of use.

The Australian Jesuits wish to connect with the community through deeper conversations about faith and justice to build a better world. To do this we maintain a number of accounts across various social media platforms including but not confined to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

These include:

  • The Australian Jesuits Facebook account
  • The Australian Jesuits Twitter account
  • The Australian Jesuits YouTube account

These accounts are managed by the Australian Jesuits.

We ask that those who participate in our online communities do so in accordance with these terms of use.


The social media accounts are monitored Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm AEST, excluding public holidays. Whilst we do not respond to every post, we do aim to respond to within two hours to those comments and messages posted within these times that warrant a response.

If your post relates to an individual circumstance, we may not be able to respond due to privacy, secrecy, or other laws. In these circumstances we ask that you direct message us your contact details for response.


We encourage participation, discussion, even robust discussion, questions, feedback and commentary, via our social media channels. However, we ask that posts be relevant and respectful to the community, including to those whose views may differ from our own and that posts constructively contribute to the debate and exploration of the relevant topic.

We reserve the right to remove from the page any comment that:

  • contains personally identifying information of any individual, including business owners
  • does not relate to the topic or post
  • is abusive, harassing, stalking, threatening or attacks others
  • is defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar or depicts violence
  • contains hateful language, target race/ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, or political beliefs
  • is fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, or unlawful
  • ‘trolls’ or deliberately disrupts discussion
  • violates any intellectual property rights
  • is considered to be spam
  • contains commercial solicitation or solicitation of donations.

The views in the comments in our social media communities are those of the person posting, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or position of the Society of Jesus in Australia.

Reporting breaches of professional standards

The Australian Province of the Society of Jesus has a firm commitment to professional standards.

Social media are not the channels through which to report professional standards concerns – including any incidents or concerns about abuse within the Society of Jesus and/or its ministries.

Details of how to report breaches of professional standards, including abuse, are on the website of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus:

The Australian Province of the Society of Jesus is a part of the National Redress Scheme. Information on how to apply for redress through the National Redress Scheme is available here: