Parishes bring some joy to communities during the shutdowns

Jesuit parishes are finding creative ways to bring some joy and spiritual nourishment to their communities during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

While parishioners haven’t been able to gather at Mass, parishes have been keeping people connected online via e-newsletters and social media.

As well as sharing reflections and prayers, parishes are finding fun ways to engage the younger members of the community during these times.

A kind person decided to share some Easer joy with the community at St Ignatius.

The Jesuit community at St Ignatius Parish in Norwood, South Australia, was given a toy chicken to spread Easter joy in the community. The anonymous benefactor left a note, saying: ‘I am a little Easter Chick, chirping on my way. You may ask, “What are you doing on such a lovely day?” I say don’t hinder me I pray, I’m here to spread Easter joy because it’s Easter day!’

Children from the parish were invited to draw pictures of the chicken and put forward suggestions for the name. Suggestions included ‘Bird of Pray’, ‘Lay-ola’, and ‘Superchook’, but the name ‘Eggnatius’ won out.

A selection of drawings and name suggestions from children in the parish.

Eggnatius now has its own special prayer place at Manresa community. Parishioners have been invited to share photos of their own prayer spaces.

Meanwhile, St Ignatius Parish in Toowong has started a ‘Colour Club’ with activities for children. Eleven children took part in online activities on Palm Sunday, which included making a cross from a palm leaf and talking about the Stations of the Cross.

Ethan engaging with the live streamed Stations of the Cross on Good Friday using the Stations he made during Palm Sunday’s Colour Club.

Some family activities were suggested for Good Friday including baking hot cross buns. A video showed the children how to draw Da Vinci’s Last Supper and the session finished with the Lent Song sung to the tune of Frère Jacques.

Guided examen

St Ignatius Norwood will go live with a 15-minute guided examen scheduled for this Thursday 23th of April at 7.30pm. The Examen is a prayer that helps us identify God’s presence in our daily life i.e. deep conversation with a friend, a walk in the park, a kind word from a friend or an insight from a book. Follow the parish on Facebook to join in: 



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