Parishes and synodality

The 2024 Parishes Workshop on Synodality, Culture and Leadership will focus on finding ways to collaborate fruitfully in the service of God’s mission.


Fr Quyen Vu SJ, Australian Provincial

Our parish and migrant chaplaincies offer a special way for the Society of Jesus to collaborate in God’s mission, which we serve through the Church.

Representatives from those ministries are gathering for a Parishes Workshop on Synoldality, Culture and Leadership.

At this time, we seek to animate our ministries through the synodal way. ‘Synodal’ has come to emphasises how we walk together as the People of God, as collaborators in a shared mission.

Last year the Jesuit Superior General, Fr Arturo Sosa released the “De Statu Societatis Iesu”, a reflection on the state of the world and the Society of Jesus. In it he reflected that Jesuits “have been sent to collaborate with others in a mission of reconciliation and justice through the four universal apostolic preferences.”

Strikingly, Fr General writes that for Jesuits, “Collaboration is a dimension of our identity. We are collaborators, we do not “have” collaborators.” Our call is to, “collaborate, together with many other human beings, in the one mission of the Lord that is entrusted to the Church.”

Recognising ourselves, all of the baptised, as collaborators in a shared mission is essential to the synodal way. We collaborate in this parish or that project, not as ends in themselves but in the service of Christ’s mission of reconciliation.

Each of us bring our own gifts, in the context of our vocational call, and we place them at the service of Christ’s mission. We strive to do so freely, allowing our collaboration with one another to be an experience of ongoing conversion, reconciling ever more with God, others and creation.

I give thanks for those gathering for the 2024 Parishes Workshop on Synoldality, Culture and Leadership. We join our prayers with theirs, especially praying that they will find ways to collaborate fruitfully in their contexts in the service of God’s mission.

Video by Janark Gray.

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