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North Sydney Parish supports Ignite Food Store

A generous donation from parishioners at Our Lady of the Way in North Sydney has helped keep the shelves stocked at the Ignite Food Store in Emerton after their supply chains were disrupted due to COVID-19.

A partnership between Jesuit Social Services and Holy Family Parish, The Ignite Food Store provides low cost, healthy fresh food to low income families. The Op Shop provides quality recycled clothing and other affordable household items.

While the store remains open during the shutdowns as an essential service, their challenge has been a supply of stock. Food drives in schools and parishes have been curtailed, reducing the amount of food on the shelves by at least 50%. Costs have increased significantly due to the need to purchase stock for sale.

After receiving a request for support, North Sydney Parish responded in two ways – providing a donation of $33,000 from the charities trust (which is funded from planned giving) as well as support in the form of food and cash directly from parishioners.

The parish also provided another $33,000 assistance to Jesuit Refugee Service at Westmead to help them continue to support vulnerable refugee and asylum seekers, and  $33,000 to the Cardoner Project to support their work with the marginalised and youth during the COVID-19 disruption.

The Australian Province’s Delegate for Social Ministries, Lisa Connell, sent a message to the parish thanking them for their wonderful contribution.

‘It is a challenging time for many and it is heartening that the Our Lady of the Way Parish at North Sydney sprang into action in such a generous manner’, she said.

‘Indeed, at times such as these, we are seeing wonderful collaboration between our social ministries, parishes, schools and other ministries and groups as we all seek to assist those most impacted by COVID-19.’

There are a number of ways people can support the Ignite Food Store during the COVID-19 shutdowns, including donating money and food. For more information, visit



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