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The Ignatian Murmuration Song of the Senses convocation,
or IM24, will be held online via Zoom from 5-9 May.


The IM24 Song of the Senses (IM24) convocation, to be held online via Zoom from 5-9 May this year, is a chance to deepdive into the unique Prayer of the Five Senses of St Ignatius.

The two-hour daily sessions will teach you key ways to pray the Prayer of the Five Senses: See it, Learn it, Enjoy it, Have it Forever. This is a First Spiritual Exercises ministry offering, in partnership with the Being with God in Nature ministry and hosted by Jesuit and Ignatian Spirituality Australia (JISA). It is also a preparation event for Laudato Si Week (19-26 May).

“Join us for a fascinating five days,” says Fr Michael Hansen SJ, the National Director – First Spiritual Exercises, JISA.

“The Prayer of the Five Senses (sight, touch, scent, hearing and taste) is one of five daily exercises in the thirty-day retreat of St Ignatius. It is also used in the First Method of Prayer found at the end of that retreat. It is akin to Ignatian body prayer and imaginative contemplation, but while using both, is different in focus and method. It uses the five senses as ‘interior senses’, experienced in both simile and metaphor, drawing on the gospels and life story of the one praying.

“For all that, it is a simple prayer method, easily learnt, deeply grounded and effective in developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, the Creator and Spirit.

“What makes the Prayer of the Five Senses wonderfully grounding is that it draws directly on our memories and feelings – so our life story, with all its ups and downs, our scarred and precious body, is truly honoured and integrated in a new way. We are refreshed. This is both liberating and enjoyable because it makes us more human and feel whole.

“Lifestyle and daily demands can separate us from our bodies and even feelings, leaving us living in our heads, often removed from nature. The Prayer of the Senses reconnects body and soul, feelings and intellect, Creator, creature, and creation.

“Like the movement to return farmed nature to its wild and generative state, this prayer will affect a re-wilding of our faith life.

“Each session will focus on one sense, to grow our awareness of it, explore it, and pray with it using the Prayer of the Senses. During every session, participants will be guided through three sensual spiritual exercises, shown expressions of the sense in video, and offered a presentation by a person who uses that sense in their work.

“Over the five days, there will be the chance to hear from an artist, a physiotherapist, a creator of essential oils, a winemaker, and a music composer. In addition, as one online organic community, there will be the chance to break into small groups for spiritual conversation with the national and international participants.”

Cost: $150 for the full five days, or $40.00 for one day. There is a reduced price for those with limited means. Registration details here.

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