Dreaming boldly

The launch of a student podcast, ‘Ignatius Talking’,
is a notable first for Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide.


The launch episode of the podcast ‘Ignatius Talking’ featured Old Ignatian Olivia Savvas (left), the youngest member of the South Australian Parliament, who was interviewed by Year 11 students Gaby Elias (centre) and Mehar Bains (right). Photo: Luke Librino / Saint Ignatius Advancement Team

By Lauren Brooks, Principal, Saint Ignatius’ College, Adelaide 

Since stepping into this role, I’ve been struck by the powerful realisation that here at Saint Ignatius’ College, there are no “ceilings”. In our classrooms, as well as in the aspirations of our students, in matters of gender equality, there are no boundaries. Regardless of gender, everyone has the same opportunities to lead, explore, evolve and embrace their true selves. Here at Saint Ignatius, everyone is empowered to dream boldly. 

The recent launch of our new podcast, Ignatius Talking, was an important foray into an exciting medium, one which we look forward to exploring as a key communication channel for our community.

Our launch episode, celebrating International Women’s Day, featured three extraordinary women from our own Ignatian community. Our guest was Old Ignatian Olivia Savvas, the youngest member of the South Australian Parliament and the youngest woman ever elected to the House of Assembly. She is a true example to all of us, showing what can be achieved beyond the boundaries of societal stereotypes.

Olivia was interviewed by two of our remarkable Year 11 students, Gaby Elias and Mehar Bains, who as prize recipients in the 2023 Premier’s Anzac Spirit School Prize competition will join eighteen other students in a 12-day study tour to Vietnam in April to coincide with Anzac Day. 

Their stimulating conversation with Olivia was a great example of three women living out our college vision to set the world alight. At Saint Ignatius’ College, we foster a culture where courage is celebrated, barriers are dismantled, and personal excellence is encouraged for all. When I consider why this may be, I think of a beautiful passage by Pope Francis exploring the Jesuit term “magis” – meaning greater, deeper and more meaningful. 

To all those who have seen ceilings not as an end point, but as something to break through with bravery and courage, thank you for being an example and inspiration to us all.

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify.

Banner image by JuShoot, Canva.

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