At the beginning of May, representatives from Jesuit and Companion schools had the opportunity to reflect on their teaching vocation at Jesuit Education Australia’s event, the Colloquium on the Ministry of Teaching.


The Colloquium on the Ministry of Teaching convened by Jesuit Education Australia was conducted on 7 – 9 May 2023 at Peter Canisius House, Pymble. The residential program was first offered in Australia in 2002 by the then Loyola Institute but fell into abeyance for many years. It was reintroduced in 2017 and is offered annually to staff across our Jesuit and Companion schools.

The Colloquium, which literally means “to talk with and to one another” offers staff with significant experience teaching in Ignatian schools an opportunity to reflect on their teaching vocation and to reinvigorate their commitment to and vision of this vocation. It is important, not for the few days in themselves, but for what it initiates. It is aimed at the formation of staff with a vision for what our schools can become; a staff that is committed to shaping our schools to that vision. Thus, providing the opportunity for individual teachers to reflect on their personal ministry, the school mission and their contribution to Catholic Education, Australia.

Representatives attended from the following schools:

Xavier Catholic College, Ballina; Saint Ignatius’ College, Riverview, St Aloysius’ College, Milsons Point; Loyola College, Watsonia; Xavier College, Kew and St Ignatius College, Geelong.

Below are some feedback statements from some of this year’s attendees:

“This has been a meaningful and rewarding experience that has reminded me of what is important…my opportunities to affect students’ wellbeing and faith and help them realise their value.”

“I feel refreshed in thought and mission.”

“I am resolved to walk (with my students), nurture them into being their best selves.”

As facilitators, we are most grateful and acknowledge the support of the participating schools for committing to the program and sponsoring staff to attend. The team was delighted by the enthusiasm with which this year’s group embraced and engaged in the program. There was a real sense of collegiality as the group shared their context.

By Jennie Hickey, Formation and Education Officer, Jesuit Education Australia.

Colloquium Facilitators: Marie Hogan, Sharon McLean, Joe El-Khoury and Paul Burke.