Borderline communities

Isolation in remote refugee camps is not just geographical, it pervades every aspect of life. The Jesuit Mission raffle, which closes on 14 September, supports at-risk communities in more than 10 countries.


Liz Kim knew she had many rivers to cross, both literally and metaphorically, on her way to a specific refugee camp. That journey to a remote area of Thailand, says the International Programs Coordinator at Jesuit Mission, was a unique learning experience.

“To get to the camp, we had to drive through a dense jungle for nearly three hours and cross many rivers. We were able to feel the refugees’ isolation just in the journey itself. Upon arrival, the camp resembled an impoverished village with schools, shops, a clinic, a cemetery and small hillside huts where families lived. Externally, it seemed similar to many remote places I’ve visited, but the people here seemed more reserved and aloof, even the children.

“After speaking with some of the refugees I started to understand why. Many of them had actually been born and raised in the geographical confines of the camp. This small village was all that they know. Because of those constraints, they were not sure if they would ever experience anything beyond this camp. Even the freedom to exercise their own will was an unfamiliar concept, making discussions about hopes and dreams for the future uncomfortable.

“For many, the aspiration was to find daily purpose and meaning. For the students, attending school and engaging in daily learning, akin to students worldwide, held immeasurable value. And this is what the Sustaining Education project provides for the thousands of students living in the camps.”

Would you like to make a difference? You have a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree in Jesuit Mission’s annual raffle prize draw, which closes on 14 September and is drawn on 18 September. By purchasing a raffle ticket you can help children in border camps in Thailand to gain a quality primary and secondary education.

Many of these children and their families have fled brutal conflicts in Myanmar to arrive in Thailand with no documentation and consequently little opportunity to make any progress in life.

Photo courtesy of Jesuit Mission Australia.

The Sustaining Education for Burmese Refugees program welcomes these children with open arms and supports the funding of teacher salaries and training for both teachers and the community.

“Your support of our annual raffle can bring opportunity and hope to children living in remote communities and give them the education that they deserve,” said Helen Forde, CEO of Jesuit Mission.

By purchasing tickets in Jesuit Mission’s raffle, you will help these and other vulnerable communities overseas who are living on the margins, suffering the twin indignities of poverty and injustice.

All proceeds from the raffle go directly towards supporting at-risk communities in over 10 countries in Asia and Africa, including Cambodia, Timor-Leste, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Malawi and more.

In each community, Jesuit Mission partners with local Jesuits and Jesuit organisations to provide a range of support and training that empowers women, men and children so they can build skills and a capacity and resilience to live full and free lives.

For just $10, a raffle ticket will help to transform communities in need.

Purchase a ticket online or call (02) 8918 4109.

Entry is open to residents of NSW, VIC and NT only. Maximum number of tickets available: 5,100. Raffle closes 5pm, 14 September 2023. Winners’ names will be drawn on 18 September 2023.