A Christmas message

Australian Jesuit Provincial Fr Quyen Vu SJ reflects on the meaning of Christmas and why we remember this sacred event each year.


Many times, throughout history, God has spoken, and His Word has been fulfilled. God spoke, and the world came into being. God spoke, and humanity was created. God spoke, and a Child was born.

We remember this sacred event each year on Christmas Day: the Word became flesh and is with us! When the Baby Jesus first arrived more than 2000 years ago, this birth fulfilled God’s promise.

Throughout history, humanity has lived in uncertainty and failed to know God. At times we have been faithful to God, but at other times we have turned our backs on God’s grace, even turned against God.

To fulfil God’s promise, God has sent into the world a Redeemer who has shown us the merciful face of God! By the grace of the Father and the Holy Spirit, through Jesus we are set free from bondage. Through the reconciling of Jesus Christ, we are restored before the Lord as a holy People.

The birth of Jesus reminds us that God has not abandoned us, reminds us that God loves us immeasurably. He humbled himself, taking on the human condition to be like us in all things except sin. This event reminds us that God stooped down, so that we can reach out to him with praise and thanksgiving for the gift of redemption.

Now that we are easing out of Covid-19 restrictions, we are invited to return to our church, parish, and community to celebrate Eucharist together. Pope Francis has reminded us that “individual prayer cannot replace meetings and community prayer,” neither can online Masses replace face-to-face ones. Furthermore, the Pope suggested that we “find positive ways to provide pastoral care and to be close to the flock.”

Let us pray to Jesus, who came into the world to be with us and show us the way to the Father. Let us pray that we continue to find new ways of being community with one another post the pandemic: in our family or at work, wherever it is, with confidence and compassion.

Wishing you a holy Christmas and a blessed new year.

Fr Quyen Vu SJ

Video by Janark Gray.